The Audi Q4 e-tron is an all-electric compact luxury crossover SUV made by the German automobile manufacturer Audi.

When driving, the car by default is placed to coast, with recuperation around 0.15 g being optional. The motors rotor and stator are produced at the Volkswagen Group Components plant in Salzgitter and are assembled in Kassel, where the 1-speed transmission is made as well. During braking, the rear-wheel drive models can recuperate energy around forces of 0.15 g and as much as 0.3 g in the all-wheel drive models, which equates to as much as 145 kW of power. For the Chinese market, the electric drive components are produced in Tianjin.

Motor, transmission and power electronics (DC/AC converter) together form a compact drive unit that weighs around 90 kg (200 lb). Rear wheel drive (RWD) models utilize a water-cooled brushless permanently excited synchronous motor positioned along the trunk axle, producing up to 150 kW of power and 310 N⋅m (230 lb⋅ft) of torque and revolves at a rate of up to 16,000 rpm.The motor is coupled to a 1-speed transmission with a fixed gear ratio of 13:1 and typically operates with “substantially greater than 90 percent” efficiency. Generally in most situations, the front motor is not activated in order to increase overall efficiency. Its 1-speed gear is fixed at a ratio of 10:1 while the rear motor in AWD models operates at a percentage of 11.5:1. For the all-wheel drive quattro model, a further asynchronous motor is positioned at the front axle, providing one more up to 75 kW of power at a speed of 14,000 rpm when required.

The Audi Q4 E-Tron commences Audi’s ushering in of a brand new era for itself, and it’s the company’s latest stab at an EV for the masses. The smaller Q4 brings lessons from those E-Trons to the compact luxury crossover segment, and the effect is an SUV that Audi says is spacious, luxurious, and exceptionally usable. Audi’s previous two E-Trons were a pricey midsize-ish SUV and a Porsche-based super sedan, the E-Tron GT.

The 2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron Sportback 2022 may have the latest version of the Audi MMI system. Audi also provides a home screen by having an augmented reality feature that displays information such as for instance navigation instructions in the driver’s eye line or perhaps a driver assistance alert. The 10.3-inch digital-sized display is standard, with a sizable 10.1-inch infotainment touch-screen driver focused for easier access to its large menu and features.

As with those offerings, the Q4 E-Trons will be mechanically identical. The ID4 and Q4 are somewhat bulbous compact EV crossovers, the major differences being the Audi’s more futuristic look and slightly less friendly face. The newest 2022 Audi Q4 E-Tron should come as both a normally-shaped compact SUV and as a more swoopy Sportback, mimicking the now-common dual-pronged crossover options from BMW (X3 and X4) and Mercedes-Benz (GLC-Class and GLC-Class Coupe) in exactly the same space. As such, most of these mechanical specifications are the exact same, but ranges and cargo capacities differ slightly. The Q4 E-Tron, as you may have guessed, slots between the subcompact Q3 and Sportback 2022 compact Q5 (though nearer to the latter) in terms of size and will seat a maximum of five passengers. The Q4s are on the basis of the same scalable MEB architecture since the Volkswagen ID4, but Audi says it has worked hard to be sure both feel completely distinct. Both Audi EVs do share similar exterior proportions, though.

Where the two differ is by using Audi’s optional dynamic package (which is standard on E-Tron S Line cars) that lowers the suspension and adds a variable-ratio steering system. Additionally there are five driving modes that range between comfort, auto, efficiency, individual, and dynamic modes. The suspension runs on the McPherson strut design in advance and a five-line setup at a corner, with dampers and coil springs at all corners—much like the ID4. An adaptive suspension that reads the road every five milliseconds and adapts to the way in which you’re driving. This best of both worlds solution should lead to stout handling when you wish it and comfy cruising when you don’t. You may even fully disable traction and stability control in the Q4 E-Tron if you’re feeling frisky.

Probably the most powerful Quattro model hasn’t been rated by the WLTP, however the 40 model was rated at 323 miles. What which means for Americans could be the Q4’s EPA estimated range will likely be less than the WLTP number. It is worth noting that the WLTP standard is different to the EPA’s, and tends to produce rosier figures. The Q4 35 E-Tron’s WLTP estimated range is 221 miles whilst the Sportback’s extra aerodynamic efficiency means it could cover 216 miles on a single charge. None of the three models have now been rated by the EPA yet, but Audi has run a number of the cars on Europe’s World harmonized Light-duty vehicles Test Procedure, or WLTP for short.

“Audi Automobile Works” entered the German car-manufacturing business in 1910 and remained independent before the Great Depression. Audi, the sole surviving nameplate from that union, was purchased by Volkswagen in 1964. The company was started in Germany and has remained Deutschland-based to the day. Audi is definitely an automaker that builds luxury cars and SUVs. Audi joined with three other auto manufacturers in 1932 to create Auto Union. Because Audi’s founder, August Horch, had left a 10-year-old company bearing his own name, he chose a Latin type of his name — Audi — for his new company.

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