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A lot of online casinos provide an “Avatar” option on their homepages. What is an Avatar? The Avatar is a picture that is displayed on the homepage of the casino’s website. It is created using the “Cocktail” system. Your avatar can be modified in many ways. It can be a simple picture of a logo, or a written content such as a message or quote. You could even create the term “logo with text” should you choose.

The “Cocktail” method is a way for the random number generator (RNG) to determine who the person’s status will be at a certain time in the near future. For the avatar you provide on the casino’s online website the random number generator will take the picture you submit and uses it to create an image randomly which will be a representation of the game that you are trying to play. There is a chance to be successful in the game you are trying to win. The avatar is also used to give the player that extra piece of information on the game of casino including where the casino is located and what the jackpot amount is and how much cash is on offer and so forth. The avatar is real and more exciting and makes it more enjoyable to play.

Why are avatars used on the casino’s online website? It is believed that avatars help to give that extra touch of “personality” to the site. A site that gives an element of character to its homepage may make it more unique and interesting than the usual casinos online. It also gives the user a better idea as to what the site is all about. Numerous casinos offer avatars.

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